"Peculiarly distinguished among the advance guard, where all were distinguished, must be recorded . . . Private J. W. Brown, of Company F, First Georgia Regiment, who, upon hearing the order to fall back, exclaimed, 'I will give them one more shot before I leave,' and while ramming down his twenty-ninth cartridge fell dead at his post." - General Henry R. Jackson in his report of the Battle of Greenbrier River.

Friday, June 29, 2012

New Book

I want to wish everyone a very fun and safe Independence Day.  With the scorching temperatures expected across the country please do your best to stay cool.
I would like to invite you all to view a preview of my novel, currently entitled My Brother, My Friend, My Enemy.  I actually started writing this many years before I Will Give Them One More Shot - it was doing the research for the novel that I came across the story of Ramsey's First Georgia, which so intrigued me that I put the novel's manuscript away to concentrate on that book.  Now I've dusted off the old manuscript and am hard at work rewriting and polishing.  The novel will be available on Amazon.com and Kindle once completed, and I anticipate a release sometime before Christmas.  I invite everyone to take a peek at a sample of the first nine chapters here.  The final product will have about 55-57 chapters.  Tell me what you think - I'd love to hear from you. (Even if you don't like it!)


  1. Thanks so much, Francie! I've been hard at work over the past couple of months on rewriting (which is part of the reason I haven't been posting on my blog much lately).