"Peculiarly distinguished among the advance guard, where all were distinguished, must be recorded . . . Private J. W. Brown, of Company F, First Georgia Regiment, who, upon hearing the order to fall back, exclaimed, 'I will give them one more shot before I leave,' and while ramming down his twenty-ninth cartridge fell dead at his post." - General Henry R. Jackson in his report of the Battle of Greenbrier River.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Roster Additions

As mentioned in my previous post, I've come up with additional soldiers who served in the First Georgia.  Follows is a listing of those troops - (1) is for a soldier present when the regiment formed in Macon, (2) is for one present when the regiment mustered out in Augusta:

Company B, Southern Guards

Bradford, Berry: Enlisted Sept. 1861. Transferred to Co. G, 29th Inf. Regt. Captured 15 Dec. 1864. Discharged at Camp Chase, OH, June 1865.

Brown, Samuel: (no further info)

Barnett, J. W.: Reenlisted, unit unknown. Surrendered at Greensboro, N.C., May, 1865.

Company D, Oglethorpe Infantry

Newsom, John W. (1,2)

Whitley, William (2)

Company E, Washington Rifles

Youngblood, A. (2)

Company F, Gate City Guards

Fish, John M. (2): Reenlisted, unit unknown. Captured and exchanged, location and date unknown. On detail duty in Savannah hospital 1865.

Company H, Dahlonega Volunteers

Cardin, C. R. (2)

Crenshaw, Thomas H. (1,2)

Hensley, LaFayette (1,2)

Strochan, Joseph W. (2)

Company I, Walker Light Infantry

Brown, Joseph (2)

Hooks, J. (1,2)

Company K, Quitman Guards

Banks, I. P. (1,2)

Kendrick, W. B. (2): Enlisted 1862. Reenlisted, unit unknown. Captured, date and location unknown. Paroled Washington, GA, Nov. 1865.

As always, if anyone knows of other soldiers who should be included, please let me know.

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